Little-Known Medical Facts of Diabetes and Dental Care Revealed

Insulin shots have to be taken regularly for diabetes from your birth. You must be concerned about your general health also. You have to be in the know of things regarding diabetes and dental care.

About Diabetes and Dental Care

In diabetes you should pay special attention to a few things. Diabetes causes very high or extremely low glucose levels in blood. Persons with very low blood glucose should eat things with sugar in order to increase sugar levels. This results in eating sweets in between meals which may lead to tooth decay.

The only remedy for people with too low blood glucose levels is to take insulin injections to maintain proper glucose levels in blood. The diabetic with low blood glucose level should restrict himself to foods that are sugar free or have very low sugar level.

When a diabetic, wants proper dental care, he should select a dental paste without much sugar since different brands of tooth paste have some kind of sugar in them for better taste.

Examine the box of tooth paste for tolerable levels. Though you don’t swallow the tooth paste some of the sugar in it is absorbed in the mouth. If the level of sugar in the tooth paste is very high, change it for another natural brand.

Inform the dentist that you are diabetic before you get the right are with regard to the tooth cleaning items. Diabetics have sensitive gums and be sure the hygienist knows that also. So to maintain and control diabetes and dental care you should be careful in eating as also the brand of tooth paste you use. Then only can you have the right type of dental care.