Here’s a Quick Guide to Get Back Your Pink Gums and White Teeth

Proper oral and dental care makes the mouth smell healthy and fresh indicating that the teeth are clean and free of debris. It also makes gums stay pink and will not hurt or cause bleeding while brushing and flossing. Bad breath will not recur. A persistent bad breath or bleeding or hurt while brushing requires a visit to the dentist.

Get tips from the dentist

A dentist or a hygienist can always assist patient with his tips on oral and dental care. He will indicate the areas of the mouth that need extra attention while brushing and flossing. Good oral and dental hygiene is an absolute necessity because healthy teeth will look good and also feel good allowing the person to eat and speak properly. It protects the health of the entire body.

Preventive care for healthy teeth must be maintained with proper brushing and flossing to stop problems that may develop. This will lead to less pain fewer and lesser medical bill and lack of worry about treatment required. You should visit the dentist regularly and guard against tooth decay, gum disease and other problems affecting teeth and gums.

Thorough brushing of teeth twice a day, flossing, taking a balanced diet, avoiding too many snacks between meals using fluoride tooth paste, rinsing with a fluoride mouth wash make for good oral and dental care. If residing in a non fluoridated area, one should take fluoridated water or a supplement of fluoride.

In case you require a dentist for treatment, a full health check should be conducted to assess the health status of the patient. People with good oral health and teeth need visit the dentist once in 3 to 6 months. Taking medicines may have side effects like dry mouth, a common side effect. The patient should inform the dentist what medicines he takes as some cause abnormal bleeding while brushing and flossing the teeth.

A proper healthy diet, good care, together with normal regular brushing and flossing can prevent problems and contribute to the general welfare of the individual concerned.