Tooth Whitening

Does icing teeth whitening work?

Icing teeth whitening works well even to overcome genetic flaws and hydrate the teeth and aids the gum in this process. This procedure is not only economical but does not involve surgery also. Icing teeth whitening can be done at home with a home whitening kit. It has helped bring sparkling smiles to many, with more smiling leading to the pumping of positive emotions.

Icing teeth whitening is done after brushing your teeth, with the preheated dental trays being fixed on to your teeth and then loaded with icing that is just enough to cover the front teeth, as back teeth are hardly exposed when you smile. Next the excess icing is removed from the lips and other mouth parts with a cotton swab. The icing should be tested for 10 minutes before it is worn for a longer time that should not exceed 90 minutes

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