A Comprehensive Understanding of the Tooth Whitening System

The effect of aging is also seen in the tooth by the way of discoloration that occurs in the teeth. Due to this the smile looks different. The lifestyle you have has an impact on the color of the teeth.

Habits like drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, and other soft drinks will have its effect on the color of the teeth. If you hair is becoming gray you might use hair dyes yourself and there are tooth whitening system that can also be used all by yourself to make it whiter again.

It is important to know what come with a tooth whitening system and how it works. It is better to know the drawbacks of the tooth whitening system also.

The components of a tooth whitening system

The main components of a tooth whitening system are the whitening gel and the two trays that come along with it. The trays are used to fit to the top and bottom rows of your teeth. Before fitting it they have to be dipped in hot water to make them flexible enough to do so.

Mold it over your teeth and then remove it and fill it up with the whitening gel. After filling the gel you have to fit it again to the teeth. Leave this as it is for the whole night while the gel works on your enamel to remove the stains and makes it whiter.

If buy drugs on line you cannot use the tooth whitening system in the night you can use the tooth whitening system during day time for a couple of hours.

The working of the tooth whitening system

The active ingredient in the whitening gel is the carbamide peroxide. This chemical releases excess of oxygen during the process to clean the enamel. This removes the stains from the enamel. You can see immediate results after the treatment. A 2 weeks program is necessary to see good results.

The strengths of the whitening gel vary according to the kit you buy. A higher strength gives faster results. However you should not leave the gel for longer time since it might damage the gums of the teeth. Moreover the teeth might get over sensitive to hot and cold food items. The sensitivity is temporary and it will fade away in a couple of days.

Other Issues of the tooth whitening system

It is safe to use a tooth whitening system since they are tested before they are released to the market. There are no adverse effects upon using the tooth whitening systems. The effects are not permanent and you may require coming for further sessions after a few months.