Why a Tooth Whitening Tray is a Must-Have

The tooth whitening process is done with the help of the whitening gel or by a laser treatment. However the tooth whitening tray is an important component that is used in both the cases. Tooth whitening tray is the component in which the whitening gel is filled up prior to fitting the tray to the rows of teeth in the patient.

The tooth whitening tray helps the whitening gel to work on the teeth alone instead of working on the gums and the lips. This ensures that the lips and the gums are not damaged during the process of whitening.

How is the tooth whitening tray used

The tooth whitening tray that comes with the tooth whitening kit is used to mold over the teeth. Before molding it to the teeth it is immersed in hot water to make it flexible. After that it is fitted it the teeth to make it the shape of the teeth and then the gel is filled up in it.

Then it is fitted again with the gel in it. This helps the gel to work on the teeth alone and avoid best generic cialis spreading of the gel to the other areas like the gums and the lips. Without a tooth whitening tray it is not easy to work on your teeth. There are some things to keep in mind when you are using the tooth whitening tray.

Before you use the tooth whitening tray it is better to brush your teeth. You may also use oxygenated toothpaste to help reduce the sensitivity of the teeth after the treatment.

For better without prescription drugs results the tooth whitening tray should be fixed exactly over the teeth. Read the instructions that come along with the purchase of the kit.

The concentration of the carbamide peroxide in the kit is essential for proper whitening. In general a 21% concentration is recommended. But this might not hold good for everybody. Anyway check with your dentist.

Use oxygenated mouthwash after using the whitening gel. Do not use alcohol based mouthwash.

A tooth whitening tray is used by the dentist also during the professional treatment for whitening your teeth. Whatever be the way you choose the purpose of the tooth whitening tray remains the same.