How Home Tooth Whitening Products Enhance Dental Aesthetics

Maintaining the personal appearance and the aesthetics of the teeth is in the priority list of many people around the world. The importance of the looks of a person, that too the smile of the person is felt by many.

This industry that focuses on the tooth whitening products and related products have a market of over 600 million dollars and this market is expected to grow at an amazing 30% yearly.

People are after the Home Tooth Whitening Product – Why

Whatever be the product that is used, people always look for convenience and affordability. Both of these are offered by the home tooth whitening product. it is easy to use at their convenience and the cost is also nominal.

The laser treatment for tooth costs anywhere between 200 and 1000 dollars, whereas the Home Tooth Whitening Products are priced around $35, which is more affordable. This difference in price is what makes people go after the home tooth whitening products.

Home Tooth Whitening Product – The Pros and Cons

As with any other product in the market there are also pros and cons for the home tooth whitening product. Let us have a look at these:


It is convenient to use the home tooth whitening product at home anytime. This reduces the need for getting an appointment with the online pharmacies dentist.
The results are excellent if you follow the instructions carefully. The results could be amazing if you are using this product after a laser treatment for tooth whitening.
The product is easy to use and affordable by many people.


When this product is used after the laser treatment the sensitiveness of the tooth is increased. The results are not good if used for the first time before undergoing a laser treatment or any other tooth whitening process.
In persons having tooth cavities it might cause acute pain and tooth sensitiveness.

Before using such a home tooth whitening product try to consult your dentist for a recommendation of an appropriate product. You cialis soft tabs can get valuable advice from a dentist on the type of treatment required.

Before undergoing a treatment it is essential to know whether you have cavities or extreme sensitiveness in your tooth. If you tooth is sensitive you should consult your dentist on the amount of fluoride that can be used.

It is better to understand the type of foods and the drinks that affect the color of your teeth and avoid them at any cost. Try to understand the effect of these foods before you go for a home tooth whitening product.